ZipMap for IBM Notes

Optimization of the images copied and pasted into IBM Notes emails and documents

Reduce up to 95% the volume of Multi-megabytes (and other) pictures pasted in your Notes emails and documents.

Prevent the wasting your costly Notes storage and network bandwidth resources.

Can be configured to be 100% transparent for the IBM Notes users.

More and more Notes users copy and paste pictures and screen shots directly in their Notes messages and documents. By doing so, they generate significant volumes of non-optimized data in your Notes organization, thus consuming network bandwidth and disk space on your Notes servers.

ZipMap reduces drastically (up to 95%) the volume of all of the images (bitmaps) copied and pasted by your users to their Notes messages and documents. By using ZipMap, you avoid wasting your precious network bandwidth and your Notes/Domino server disk space.

The bitmap optimization is done at the source; ZipMap is invoked automatically when the users paste the images to their Notes messages and documents.

The ZipMap bitmap optimization can be 100% transparent based on your pre-defined optimization settings.
ZipMap can also be configured to display a graphical user interface enabling the users to preview the results of the default optimization settings and to select only a part of the image or to apply other settings, if needed.

Optimization results are displayed in the ZipMap interface (when displayed) and in the IBM Notes client status bar (always).


The immediate benefits provided by ZipMap:

On the top of the image optimization features, the ZipMap parameters also enable you to define a policy for copied and pasted images. Image properties like maximum size in KB, maximum dimensions, and maximum quality factor can be defined. ZipMap automatically adjusts the pasted images to match the policy settings if needed.

ZipMap is an extension to the IBM Notes Client, versions 5.02b to 8.5.x.
It is a single 150 KB Dll file, provided in an automatic setup package for instant deployment. It has both an incredibly low memory and resource footprint.

ZipMap includes a Windows Taskbar system tray utility that can be used to display the image optimization statistics. At any time, you can know about the cumulative savings in KB and in percent and about the number of images that have been optimized. This utility is very helpful for evaluating ZipMap.

ZipMap functioning parameters and bitmap optimization policies can optionally be managed on a central basis and updated automatically from a central Notes database, without any end user interaction.

This central database enables to define custom settings for each user if needed. You can define different image policies that apply to different lists of users and a default set policy that applies by default to every user not attached to a custom policy.

The ZipMap program itself can benefit of the same update process.

ZipMap statistics can be optionally consolidated in a central Notes database.


PDF Product Sheet

 ZipMap for IBM Notes PDF Product Sheet


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