ZipAgent is powerful Zip compression-decompression software, secure, very easy to use and ideal for corporate usage.

With its transparent mode, a clear interface as well as a unique set of user interface, adaptability and security features, ZipAgent is the ideal Zip-unZip utility for corporate usage.
With ZipAgent, users deal with their Zip files the most direct, transparent and secured way, in a couple of clicks.

ZipAgent is the only Zip utility on the market to provide a transparent decompression mode. When operating in this mode, double-clicking on a Zip File containing a single file directly opens the compressed file (as if it was not compressed) in its associated application. The user can instantly view or edit his or her compressed files with no special action to take compared to uncompressed files, ZipAgent does not even appear on the screen.

ZipAgent also provides protection features preventing the users to launch Zip compressed files that could be at risk for their System (like .exe, .bat, .reg...).

Compression, decompression, viewing of compressed files, protection and encryption ( Zip, AES 128, AES 192 and AES 256), sending of the compressed file by email, all of the ZipAgent features are accessible from the main window of the product. A simplicity of usage that pleasingly contrasts with the other Zip utilities on the market and that makes ZipAgent the best choice for corporate use.


More Details

Aff of the ZipAgent features accessible form a single window

Compression, decompression, viewing of compressed files, protection and encryption ( Zip, AES128, AES192 and AES256), sending of the compressed file by email, all of these features are accessible in one mouse click.
The "Options" button can be hidden to avoid having users modifying the default configuration of ZipAgent.

Simplified Graphical User Interface

The graphical user interface of ZipAgent can be configured to be simplified. This Simplified UI Mode of ZipAgent enables the users to work (view, edit) directly with their Zip files instead of losing time and disk space to decompress them in disk folders before to use them. Drag and drop addicts also like the Simplified UI Mode of ZipAgent very much.

Extensive Drag and Drop Support

Dragging selected files from the ZipAgent window (simplified or not) and dropping them into a Windows Explorer folder, automatically expand these files in the selected folder. Dragging files and folders from the Windows Explorer and dropping them on the ZipAgent Windows compresses the files. Less common, you can open multiple ZipAgent windows and drag and drop files from a ZipAgent window to another one (directly from compressed file to compressed file).

Transparent Mode

In most of the cases, (when a file Zip archive contains a single compressed document) users do not even see ZipAgent. When doing a double-click on such a Zip file, ZipAgent expands the compressed file and then displays it using its associated application (Microsoft Word, Excel or other).
In this case, ZipAgent does not even appear to the user, the original document is displayed as if it had never been compressed!
If the user modifies the document in the associated application (Microsoft Word, Excel or other) and does a "Save", the document is recompressed into the Zip File. The user can also do a "Save as" in the associated application to save the decompressed document in a folder of its choice, exactly as if the document was not compressed.

Protection against launching of compressed files that could be at risk for the System

ZipAgent includes security features regarding Zip compressed files that could be at risk (like .bat, .exe, .com etc.) when launched accidentally by your users.

The level of protection is configurable for each file type (no protection, display a warning, or cancel the opening/launching of the file).

By default, more than 40 file types are protected, avoiding your users to accidentally open Zip compressed files that could be at risk for their system.

Support of AES Encryption / Decryption

ZipAgent provides the support of standard Zip encryption as well as of AES 128, AES 192 and AES 256 encryption. To encrypt and password-protect your compressed files do a single click on the key displayed at the top of the list of the compressed files to access the password dialog of ZipAgent. Here again, this option can be hidden to the users if needed.
Password rules can be defined to force users to enter passwords having a minimum length and including a minimum number of numeral digits.
When opening an encrypted Zip file, a dialog enabling to enter the Zip file password is automatically displayed. Access to the file is granted only if the right password is provided.

Custom Associations Management

You can define associated applications specific to the compressed documents contained in your Zip Files.
You can, for instance, associate viewers to compressed file types in place of their usual Windows associated application.
It means that you can use Microsoft Word viewer instead of Microsoft-Word itself for viewing compressed DOC files, Microsoft PowerPoint viewer instead of PowerPoint itself for viewing compressed PPT files, avoiding users to incidentally modify compressed documents.

Full Recent and Preferred Folders Management

Users can manage their Recent and Preferred folders.
Recent and preferred folders can be quickly selected as target folders for decompression by right-clicking on the compressed document list displayed in the main ZipAgent window.

Custom Setup Packages

All of your preferred configuration options can be pre-set in your custom setup package, so ZipAgent is ready to operate as you want it to do as soon as it is installed on the user's computer.
We can deliver silent setup packages, operating with no need for user interaction.
We maintain your preferred configuration options in our databases, so new versions of the software are delivered to you with your own preferred configuration options.
This service is included in the ZipAgent support and new version subscription contract.


Evaluation Copy - Try ZipAgent for yourself!

Please don't hesitate to see for yourself, get a fully functional evaluation version and try ZipAgent.

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