ZipMail Client V12 for IBM IBM Notes, including IBM Notes 9

Automatic Zip Compression and Decompression

Native Optimization

Automatic Picture File (JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, EMF, WMF, TIF)
Native Optimization

On-Demand Single-Click On-The-Fly PDF Conversion

for your IBM Notes attached files



Automatic and transparent on-the-fly Zip compression and decompression for IBM Notes attached files.
Standard and AES-256 Zip password-based encryption and decryption for IBM Notes attached files.

Automatic and transparent on-the-fly native XML volume optimization for IBM Notes Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 and 2013 XML attached files (DOCX, PPTX, XLSX files) and Open Office XML attached files (ODT, ODP, ODS files).
The optimized files remain in their native format. They are made smaller without being zipped!

Automatic and transparent on-the-fly native volume optimization for IBM Notes attached picture files ((JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, EMF, WMF, TIF, TIFF).
The optimized files remain in their native format. They are made smaller without being zipped!

On-demand single-click on-the-fly PDF conversion for IBM Notes attached files.

With its astounding and unique abilities to reduce the volume of the attached MS Office XML files (DOCX, PPTX and XLSX), Open Office XML files (ODT, ODP, ODS) and of the picture files (JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, EMF, WMF, TIF, TIFF), while keeping them in their native formats, ZipMail V12 achieves unbelievable Notes/Domino volume reduction results never seen before, while remaining fully transparent to the IBM Notes users and their email recipients.

With its single-click PDF conversion feature, ZipMail enables all Notes users to drastically improve their IBM Notes usage in terms of attached files sent for read-only purposes.


Each time a user attaches files in IBM Notes, ZipMail automatically and transparently reduces the size of the attached files by performing on-the-fly Zip compression, XML (DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, ODT, ODP, ODS) optimization or Image (JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, EMF, WMF, TIF, TIFF) optimization.

Since attached files are responsible for up to 95% of most of the IBM Notes Notes organization traffic (and thus storage), ZipMail will reduce your needs for IBM Notes and Domino related network bandwidth and disk space by 50% or even more.

ZipMail also provides on-demand single-click on-the-fly attached file PDF conversion, enabling users to prevent easy modifications of their IBM Notes attached files by their recipients.

ZipMail, by transparently making IBM Notes attached files as small as possible, at the time they are attached by the users, delivers the following benefits:

  1. Instant source reduction of your IBM Notes / Domino email traffic by 50% or more.

  2. Huge network bandwidth and Domino server disk space savings.

  3. Very significant performance improvements for your entire IBM Notes / Domino organization with faster replications (greatly improving IBM Notes user satisfaction).

  4. Hosting more users on your existing IBM Notes / Domino infrastructures.

  5. Enable your IBM Notes users to send very large files that could not be sent if not compressed or optimized (for instance large PPT / PPTX MS PowerPoint presentations or DOC / DOCX MS Word files exceeding the maximum allowed attached file size).

  6. Huge and recurring IBM Notes / Domino operating cost reductions. Your savings increases whith the increase of your email traffic. If in three years from now your yearly email traffic and needs for email storage double, the savings delivered by ZipMail will double too.

  7. ZipMail enables you to defer heavy investments in network bandwidth and storage extensions for your IBM Notes / Domino infrastructure.

  8. ZipMail pays for itself within months.


More Details:

All of the multi-year Notes compression experience of MK Net.Work in a single 500 Kb DLL file!

ZipMail benefits from the multi-year experience of MK Net.Work in providing advanced compression solutions for Notes organizations (more than 6 million users worldwide) condensed in a single High-Tech 500 Kb DLL File!
There is nothing to install on your Domino servers and of course, ZipMail does not require any IBM Notes Template modification.

Transparent and instant Zip compression, XML optimization and image optimization for IBM Notes attached files

Attach your files as usual, click the File / Attach menu or hit the Paperclip button of your IBM Notes client, your selected files get instantly compressed into Zip files or, for DOCX, PPTX and XLSX, , ODT, ODP, ODS, XML optimized or, for picture files, natively optimized, before being attached to your Notes messages or documents. All is automatic, no additional action is required.

Single-click PDF conversion for IBM Notes attached files

Attach your files as usual, check the PDF checkbox displayed in the IBM Notes attached file selection dialog, your selected files get instantly converted to PDF before to be attached!
(Your original files, in your disk folders, remain untouched).

Extensive support of Drag & Drop

Drag & drop files and folders on your Notes messages and documents, they all get instantly Zip-compressed or XML / Pict optimized by ZipMail before to be attached!
(Your original files, in your disk folders, remain untouched).
When dragging and dropping folders, the relative paths of the dropped files are embedded in the resulting Zip file, enabling your recipients to reproduce the original folders when decompressing the Zip file.

Transparent and instant decompression of the Zip attached files

In your Notes client, View - Launch - Edit - Save your Notes attached Zip files transparently, as if they were not compressed.

Zip standard and AES Encryption and Decryption

ZipMail Client for IBM Notes provides the full support of the Zip standard encryption and of the AES (AES 128, AES 192 and AES 256) encryption.
ZipMail can be configured to display a password field in the attached file selection dialog of the IBM Notes client, enabling the users to optionally password-protect and encrypt their compressed Zip files. Password rules can be defined to force the users to enter passwords having a minimum length and including a minimum number of numeral digits.
When opening a Zip encrypted attached file (whatever is its encryption type), the ZipMail transparent decompression feature displays a dialog enabling the user to enter the Zip file password. Access to the encrypted Zip file is granted only if the right password is provided.

ZipMail does not require any IBM Notes Template modification

ZipMail does not require any modification of your IBM Notes Templates. ZipMail is 100% independent of the IBM Notes Templates.

Make ZipMail work exactly as you want

More than 130 optional parameters are available to make ZipMail work exactly as you want.
all ZipMail features (Zip compression and decompression, XML optimization, Pict optimization and PDF conversion) can be finely tuned.
These parameters are optional. If you are satisfied with their default values and with the default behavior of ZipMail, you do not have to know anything about them in order to work with ZipMail.

This extended and very powerful ZipMail option set is the translation of our multi-year experience in groupware and email compression software.
It is like a library of the answers delivered to the technical, functional and ergonomic questions asked byour ZipMail customers since 1995.

ZipMail is delivered with an extensive help file for administrators in HTML Help and PDF format. Each of the ZipMail features and options is described in detail in this more than 182 page help file. Here again, fortunately, you do not have to read this Help file in order to use ZipMail! But in case you want to change an option or to learn more about one of the product features, you will really appreciate to quickly find a detailed answer to your question in this document.

True multilingual software

ZipMail is true multilingual software.
There is a single version of the ZipMail program for all of the languages.

The ZipMail translations are stored in the ZipMail parameter file (not in the program itself). This simplifies the maintenance of the software and makes the production of new translations very easy (customers can even create new translations by themselves!).

ZipMail is delivered with the support for English, French, German and Spanish. Other languages can be very quickly added on demand.
ZipMail language is chosen (or set automatically depending on the language of the operating system) during ZipMail setup.
If no translation is provided, the default language of ZipMail is set to English.

ZipMail has been fully tested and is 100% compatible with double-byte alphabets like Japanese, Chinese, Greek etc...

The same version of ZipMail works with any version of the IBM Notes client in any language, with no need for any particular setting.

ZipMail Security Pack

ZipMail includes the ZipMail Security Pack to protect your users against the execution of unsafe Notes attached files (compressed or not compressed) like .EXE, .BAT, .VBS, etc.
You can define your own list of unsafe file types (a complete list of unsafe file types is provided in the ZipMail help file).
There are 3 different levels of protection against the execution of unsafe files.
The ZipMail Security Pack also enables you to forbid the attachment of some file types. If your users try to attach such files (compressed or not), a dialog will be displayed and the attachment will be cancelled. You can define your own list of forbidden file types.
The ZipMail Security Pack for Notes is an optional and configurable feature. It is included in the ZipMail DLL and can be activated upon demand.

Superfast and easy deployment

ZipMail is a single 500 Kb file. Deploying ZipMail is so very easy!
Particularly if you use our deployment package (a single EXE file or MSI file) that can perform 100% automatic and silent setup.
Our 100% automated setup package, provided for free, enables superfast ZipMail deployment, even in the largest IBM Notes using organizations.
It is compatible with any deployment tool like Microsoft SMS, LANDesk etc...
We can customize it with your preferred ZipMail parameter values. A setup package customization form and instructions are provided in the ZipMail help file.

If you prefer to use your own packaging tools, ZipMail is so simple to install that you can easily produce your own setup packages.
Detailed specifications of the ZipMail setup are provided in the ZipMail help file.

ZipMail deployment assistance and setup package customization are included in your annual support contract.


Download the ZipMail for IBM Notes PDF Brochure:

ZipMail V11 for Lotus Notes brochure

 ZipMail for IBM Notes - PDF Brochure

Download the PDF Brochure related to our other compression and optimization solutions for IBM Notes:

Compression and optimization Solutions For Lotus Notes PDF Brochure

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Evaluation Copy - Try ZipMail for yourself!

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It takes only 2 minutes to install and start optimizing, compressing or convert to PDF your IBM Notes attached files!

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