ZipMail Zip Indexer for IBM Notes and Domino

Full text indexing of Zip attachments in IBM Notes/Domino

ZipMail Zip Indexer for Notes is available for the Notes clients (used when indexing the databases stored locally) and for the Domino servers (used when indexing the databases stored on the servers).
It extends the full text indexing feature of Notes to the indexable files compressed into attached Zip files.

With ZipMail Zip Indexer for IBM Notes, the IBM Notes / Domino full text indexer is now able to transparently index the files compressed into attached Zip files.

ZipMail Zip indexer is a Notes extension that can be used on the IBM Notes clients and on the Domino servers.

Once installed, it is used transparently by the Notes indexer each time the Notes indexer is invoked.

Full text indexing of Zip attachments does not increase the duration of the indexing compared to indexing non-compressed files.


More Details

Full text indexing of Notes attached Zip files

The Notes/Domino full text indexer is not able at this time to index files compressed into attached Zip files.
With the ZipMail Zip indexer for Notes, you can override this limitation and index any Notes-indexable files compressed into an attached Zip file.

Can be used on Notes clients and servers

ZipMail Zip Indexer for Notes can be used on Notes client and on Domino servers as well,versions 4.5.4 and higher, 5.xx, 6.xx, 7.xx, 8.xx and 8.5.x. There is a single version of ZipMail Zip indexer for all of the above versions of IBM Notes and Domino.
Once ZipMail Zip Indexer is installed, there is nothing special to do to have the files compressed into Zip attached files handled by the Notes full text indexer.

Works transparently

The ZipMail Zip Indexer process is 100% transparent. For instance, if a .DOC file is compressed into a Zip file, once ZipMail Zip indexer for IBM Notes is installed (on your Domino server (if the database containing the document is on your server), or on your Notes client if the database containing the document is on your Notes client), this .DOC file will be processed by the Notes/Domino full text indexer next time your database is indexed, transparently.

Can handle any type of Zip files

ZipMail Zip indexer can handle Zip files containing one or more Notes-indexable compressed files.

A very small and concise piece of software

Basically, this Notes extension is made of a single 250 Kb DLL file + one line in the Notes.INI file, it is very easy to install.

Does not affect the performance of the full-text indexing

Performance of the Notes indexer is not affected by ZipMail Zip Indexer:
For 2 databases containing the same set of attached files, one not compressed, the other compressed into Zip files, indexing the database with the non-compressed attached files takes the same time as indexing (using the ZipMail Zip Indexer) the database with the Zip files.
The results are strictly identical since, in both cases, it is the Notes indexer that performs the indexing of the files.

Extensive log file

Optionally, a detailed log file can be produced by ZipMail Zip Indexer listing all of the decompressed files having been indexed.

Detailed help file

A detailed help file is provided with ZipMail Zip Indexer.

ZipMail Zip Indexer for Lotus Notes - Help File


Evaluation Copy - Try ZipMail Zip Indexer for yourself!

Please don't hesitate to see for yourself, get a fully functional evaluation version and try ZipMail Zip Indexer with your own Lotus Notes databases. You need about few minutes to test ZipMail Zip Indexer!

Kindly contact us if you have questions, we'll be most pleased to answer.